S&R Corporation was recently awarded the Waldo-Hancock Bridge Removal, by the State of Maine Department of Transportation.

The heart of this $5.3 million dollar project involves the complete demolition and removal of the Historic Waldo-Hancock Cable Suspension Bridge that links Waldo and Hancock Counties of the State of Maine.

The Waldo-Hancock Bridge totals over 2,040 feet in length, its Main Span is over 800 feet in length, It’s massive steel towers, stand in excess of 237 feet above the surface of the water of the Penobscot Narrows. The bridges plate girder approaches span and additional 520 feet over land before connecting to each of the 360 foot long truss approach spans. Since explosive demolition is strictly prohibited on this project, S&R crews will disassemble the bridges truss frame in small segments, along with the main suspension cable system and supplemental suspension cables and its enormous steel towers from both land based and barge mounted cranes. Improvements to Fort Knox State Park and Construction of Roadway Access to the East Pylon of the New Penobscot Narrows Bridge are also part of S&R Corporations scope of work.

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