The Massachusetts Highway Department’s Commissioner, Luisa Paiewonsky and State Senator, Bruce E. Tarr, visited the Parker River Bridge Project in Newbury, MA. The purpose of the visit was to check on progress of the accelerated bridge construction contract. The project was put into an accelerated mode due to the poor condition of the existing bridge and consequently, the planned use of the bridge during phased replacement construction would be prohibitive.

The Massachusetts Highway Department directed S&R to remove the entire existing bridge and construct the new at an accelerated rate. The accelerated schedule would open the new bridge to traffic in the spring of 2009, 17 months ahead of schedule and at a savings of $340,000 to the Commonwealth. The visiting dignitaries departed from the Newbury project with the news that the spring 2009 opening was going to be pushed up to January 2009.

S&R’s project team on this very special job is Russ Burnham and Brad Lubenau. The Massachusetts Highway Department’s Resident Engineer is Dave Conroy.

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