At S&R Corporation, safety is the cornerstone guiding everything we do and it is the solid foundation on which we’ve built our exemplary safety record. We have full time personnel dedicated to the overall management of safety on all of our job sites as well as OSHA-required safety training, refresher courses, and an annual safety summit. This, combined with a uniquely conscientious atmosphere overall, promotes a safe workplace and job sites for all employees, subcontractors and the commuting public.


S&R Corporation’s commitment to safety starts at the top of the corporate ladder because Steven and Roger have identified safety as a core value of the company. With their leadership, the commitment to safety flows through the senior management team, to the project managers and field superintendents, right on down to the newest hire on the job. Everyone in the company has a role in the commitment to be an industry leader in safety performance.


We have adopted the “zero accident philosophy” and believe that all accidents can be prevented. This philosophy is proven when you look at our loss history and statistics. Our lost time case rate is consistently below the national average and our EMR is .93, well below the industry standard of 1.0.


We recognize that even though there are tight schedules for performing our work, safety always comes first. Our management team has been tasked with identifying safety issues with a pre-start planning program before those issues can affect employees in the field. When a plan is developed, it is implemented by our superintendents and tradesmen. All of our employees are comfortable in recognizing and addressing safety issues because they have had the necessary education and training, and are given the resources to perform work safely.


Our employees feel confident knowing that the company holds their safety and health in such high regard. They are encouraged to participate in the safety program and offer suggestions for improvement. Our safety program will continuously evolve, as we are determined to achieve an injury free workplace.


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